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Annual Davis P. Rice Youth Waterfowl Hunt Feb. 5-6

Youth Waterfowl Hunt
Hi Athletes!

It's about duck hunting time, and that means our 8th Annual Davis P. Rice Youth Waterfowl Hunt is right around the corner! Last year 120 lucky TNSCTP athletes were invited to participate in the nation's largest youth waterfowl hunt. 

All invitees will receive a free goodie bag and a special T-shirt for the event and will be eligible for drawings for door prizes.

  • February 5-6, 2016
    • February 5 - Banquet
    • February 6 - Hunt
  • Dyersburg, TN
On February 5, athletes are invited to attend a banquet that will be emceed by Brian Staron. Brian did an excellent job last year, and you'll be sure to have a great time at the banquet. 

Were also excited to announce that the one and only Buck Gardner will also be at the banquet, talking to athletes about Duck Hunting 101, duck calling techniques, and safety.


The Davis P. Rice Youth Waterfowl Hunt is an invitation only event for eligible athletes. 


To be eligible for the drawing:
  1.  Athletes MUST BE under the age 16 on February 6th (the day of the hunt).
  2. Athletes who wish to participate must be registered with  TNSCTP January 1, 2016.
Athletes' names, who meet the criteria above, will go into a 
computerized program that will select a least 100 names, randomly, to attend the hunt.  Head coaches will be notified with the drawn names to contact the athletes.  Should additional blind space become available or those invited be unable to attend, we will invite more athletes.  Specific details about the hunt will be sent out as the event gets closer to all coaches who have athletes participating.

JUST A REMINDER if you have not registered for the 2015/2016 season: 
  • Registration is open and closes April 1
  • Athletes MUST BE registered and paid BEFORE practicing and competing
Also, check out our new website at: 

J.W. Worthen
Director, TNSCTP
615-353-1133, Ext207
Andrew Peercy
Manager, TNSCTP
615-353-1133, Ext 209
Stephen Cawthorn
Program Coordinator, TNSCTP
615-353-1133, Ext 213
Philip Kruger
Program Coordinator, Youth Hunts
615-353-1133, Ext 214

300 Orlando Ave.
Nashville, TN 37209

TNSCTP and TWF Youth Hunts are programs of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, founded in 1946 and a champion of the great outdoors.
For more information visit our website!

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Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program | 300 Orlando Avenue~Suite 200 | Nashville | TN | 37209

Welcome to TNSCTP!

Welcome To TNSCTP!
Dear Athlete,
Welcome to the Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program! Your registration fee has been received and you are now a participant in the number one youth shooting program in the United States. We hope this is the beginning of a successful season for you, and we are excited to have you on board.

As an SCTP athlete, you will have the opportunity to participate with other athletes from across Tennessee in the following events:
Junior Olympics
Held in Paris, TN from April 13-17, the Junior Olympics are an opportunity for SCTP athletes to compete in the events of Bunker Trap and International Skeet. The Junior Olympics are open to all SCTP athletes regardless of experience level and are an excellent introduction to Olympic-style shooting.
Regional Shoots
The regional shoots are a warm up for the state shoot in Nashville and are held across the state in the spring. Similar to the state shoot held in Nashville, the regional shoots are an opportunity for you to compete against other SCTP athletes in your region only. All athletes must participate in their regional shoot in order to be eligible to compete in the state shoot. Waivers are granted on a case by case basis.
State Championships
On June 21-25, Tennessee's best youth shooters will descend on Nashville to compete in Sporting Clays, Trap, and Skeet. This is an opportunity to compete against the best youth shooters in Tennessee and prove your skills in front of your peers!
Youth Hunts
All SCTP athletes are eligible to participate in several hunts we organize throughout the year. Currently, we offer the opportunity to hunt the following:
  1. Waterfowl
  2. Dove
  3. Turkey
  4. Fish
Participation in our youth hunts is determined by several factors, such as proximity to the hunting or fishing site, age of participant, and hunting experience. Additionally, capacity at some hunts is limited, so athletes will be selected through a random drawing for those hunts. We are always striving to increase the number and quality of hunts we offer, and we have expanded our staff to include a youth hunts coordinator for that very purpose. If you want to hunt, you will have the opportunity to do so with TNSCTP.

Local Shoots
Although not organized by TNSCTP, we frequently receive announcements about shoots hosted by local teams or ranges throughout the state. This is a great opportunity for more competition and to hone your skills. Please check our calendar frequently for new postings. Click here to view our calendar.
In addition to the events listed above, you will also qualify for Gamaliel Shooting Supply's Ready, Set, Pull! Program. This program will give teams access to discounted prices on all the gear needed for Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays such as vests, bags, eye and ear protection, pouches, ammo, firearms, and much, much more! All orders must be placed by your head coach. Please see your coach for more details.
We have recently updated our website and are always adding new content, so we encourage to check it often for updates and new features. Please visit our website at
It is our goal for this season that you learn safe firearms handling, responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills, and have FUN! We're looking forward to another exciting season. See you at the range.
M. Andrew Peercy
Manager TNSCTP
615.353.1133 Ext. 209 
Stephen Cawthorn 
Program Coordinator TNSCTP
615.353.1133 Ext. 209
JW Worthen
Director TNSCTP
615.353.1133 Ext. 207
Phillip Kruger
Youth Hunts Coordinator
615.353.1133 Ext. 214

300 Orlando Ave.
Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37209

TNSCTP is a program of the Tennessee Wildlife Federation, founded in 1946 and a champion of the great outdoors.
For more information visit our website!

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Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program | 300 Orlando Avenue~Suite 200 | Nashville | TN | 37209