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Outside Coaching

Outside Coaching
Dear Coaches and Parents of Tennessee SCTP Athletes,

Over the past few years, the Tennessee Wildlife Federation's SCTP staff has heard several questions and interest in having program athletes gain shooting skills through outside coaching (i.e., coaching that occurs separate and apart from regular Tennessee SCTP practices). These questions have reached a level that we feel warrants an explanation of Tennessee SCTP's policy as it relates to outside coaching.

What is Outside Coaching?
The Tennessee SCTP program defines outside coaching as "coaching of a Tennessee SCTP participant by a coach who is not part of a Tennessee SCTP team, is not credentialed and/or registered with Tennessee SCTP, and who provides instruction and coaching apart from Tennessee SCTP practices, shooting competitions and other sanctioned Tennessee SCTP events. Typically, outside coaches provide coaching for a fee and often provide these services as part of a business venture."

Tennessee SCTP's Policy about Outside Coaching
Tennessee SCTP believes that outside coaching is the sole purview and responsibility of the parents or guardians of the Tennessee SCTP athlete, and therefore is viewed by Tennessee SCTP as outside of the purview of the program and is not regulated by Tennessee SCTP or its volunteers.

Because outside coaches and outside coaching are "outside" the purview of Tennessee SCTP, Tennessee SCTP claims no authority over outside coaching, nor do we vet, vouch, support or endorse outside coaches.

Additionally, because Tennessee SCTP recognizes that outside coaching is not part of the Tennessee SCTP program, any negative action or punishment taken by a Tennessee SCTP coach or volunteer towards a Tennessee SCTP participant, as a result of their seeking outside coaching, is strictly prohibited. Outside coaching is a private matter between the parent/guardian and the youngster under their care.

Some Situations You May Experience with Outside Coaching and Our Position on Them
Should a Tennessee SCTP team wish to engage an outside coach to assist in coaching their team's shooters, Tennessee SCTP requires that such an "outside" coach must meet the requirements of Tennessee SCTP credentialed and registered coaches. A list of these requirements is available from the Tennessee Wildlife Federation offices upon request.

Any person who engages in coaching or shooting instruction at any Tennessee SCTP activity must be credentialed by, be registered with, and in good standing with Tennessee SCTP.

It is important to understand that for all Tennessee SCTP activities (i.e., practices, shooting competitions and events, etc.), that credentialed and registered Tennessee SCTP coaches do have the authority to structure, organize and run their respective Tennessee SCTP teams, practices, shooting competitions, and other events as they see fit; given that these are conducted within the confines of the Tennessee SCTP, Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and other governing body rules and codes we support and endorse. This means that coaches can prevent outside coaches from attending and participating in Tennessee SCTP team practices, shooting competitions, and events.

Important Additional Information
Tennessee Wildlife Federation does not maintain a list of endorsed or approved outside shooting coaches and we do not and will not provide approval or endorsement of any outside shooting instructor or coach if asked. The responsibility of vetting outside coaching and coaches, like the act of using them itself, lay with the parent of guardian of the Tennessee SCTP athlete and is not a part of the Tennessee SCTP program.

In closing, for those parents or guardians who are or may engage outside coaching to assist your Tennessee SCTP athlete, we strongly encourage you to communicate openly with your Tennessee SCTP team's coaching staff. This will help ensure the coaching being received while with the team is working with the coaching your athlete may be receiving outside of the team. Clear and regular communication amongst all parties is the best way to ensure that your athlete benefits the most from his or her coaching, and is the best way to avoid misunderstandings.

Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at your first convenience.

Tennessee Wildlife Federation team

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Tennessee SCTP Manager
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Director of Programs
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